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Penguin Warriors were formed in late February 2011 by Aegpg. We hope to get the army to be popular, and it will be able to be in the top ten.

Table of Contents:

  1. Site Rules
  2. Tips

1. Site Rules:

  1. No spamming (Repeated advertising).
  2. No flooding (Repeated messages, being annoying, or trying to distort the page size).
  3. No arguing (Debates are alright).
  4. No inappropriate words or conversations.
  5. No rebellions.

2. Tips:
Here are a few tips is you want to be well known in the PW.

  • To be well known, and to get elected, make comments and talk in the new posts on the Home page and Chat
  • Go on Club Penguin a lot, be in PW uniform, and form groups of PW soldiers. Preferably be on “Ice Box” our biggest server!
  • Go to battles and invasions.
  • Get to know the other soldiers.
  • Be mature.
  • On Club Penguin, say “PW Army”/”PW is Penguin Warriors of CP” a lot, so you will make us well-known.
  • When you notice seemingly “huge” arguments, don’t panic. It’s usually just two or three people arguing, and it’s no big deal. Yet if there is a big conflict come to PW Chat and tell us.

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  1. whens the meeting

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